One Part Luxury.
One Part Science.
All In Your Control...

Current Goal To Make Skincare More Cathartic



Science Experiment Goal
Choosing the Experiment

Cathartic Luxury Goal
Choosing the Next Item & Packaging

Cathartic Counter - Let's Take Control

Skincare Can Be A Lot Of Smoke And Mirrors

And it all starts with livestreaming science

Have A Little Luxury With Your Science

The Current Cathartic Science and Luxury - Chosen By You

Science - First Experiment - Phase 1

Currently, the topic of the experiment is up for grabs.

Regardless of the topic that's chosen, the first step will be to hire experts that specialize in that type of science. So, if it's fragrances, it'll be toxicologists. If it's Vitamin C, more than likely a biotech firm. But it can be anything. We care about what you care about. When you purchase, you vote for what you want, and if it's not a choice you can write it in. We'll include it in the voting - if not in this experiment, in the next. 5 topics at a time MAX so we don't dilute the votes too much.

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Luxury - First Cathartic Item - Time To Choose

Currently the next Cathartic Item is up for grabs.

While we have a prototype for a very soft face towel (700+GSM Long Staple Cotton, pretty much a cloud for your face), we can instead go for a Rose Quartz Skin Roller (A grade, untreated rose quartz), or you can suggest something and we can take it from there!

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