How We Began

Covid was taking a toll on Catharsis Co founder, Michael Denizé, and his mental and physical health were suffering. The stress of the pandemic had broken up his partnership and his relationship, and it was beginning to show. Maskne covered his stressed out skin, with dark spots and fine lines beginning to creep in. He knew he needed a change, and he knew he wasn't the only one.

I. Luxury

Luxury Continued

II. (Self) Love

(Self) Love continued

1 Part
Fantastic Formulas
- Safe, Effective Products Based On Proven Science To Give You The Results You Need

- Products That Create Beauty and Opportunities For Self-Love In Your Busy Life
1 Part
Love and Self-Care
- A Skincare Practice That Focuses On Love and Beauty for your own sake

- Creating A Community Of People Who Support Each Other's Growth And Beauty

III. Service

Service Continued